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On this episode of The Batman vs James Bond Show, Brian is back with lots of exciting news and excitement. Before the main event, Brian gives updates on Bond 25’s shortlist of directors; false stories being spread about Bond 25’s location and a story it was supposed to be based off of; and Ben Affleck is still not officially announced for the next Batman trilogy. And finally, in honor of it’s forty year anniversary, Brian reviews the 15th James Bond film The Living Daylights. From the backstory and fun facts of The Living Daylights; Timothy Dalton’s portrayal of James Bond the opening exercise at Gibraltar; John Barry’s amazing score; Maryam D’abo’s Kara Milovy; Pushkin, Koskov, Whittaker and Necros; a somewhat convoluted plot/story; the Aston Martin/cello chase; the Hercules plane battle finale; is The Living Daylights one of the biggest and best James Bond movie of them all; plus birthdays and much much more.
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