On this episode of The Batman vs James Bond Show, Brian is joined by listener Christian Evangelista. Brian and Christian discuss Ben Affleck’s The Batman delaying Justice League 2 and Aquaman; did female author Phyllis Bottome inspire Ian Fleming to create the character of James Bond; Billy Dee Williams will voice Two-Face in The Lego Batman Movie; and Zack Snyder’s Batman v Superman/Star Wars Trailer Mashup – The Dark Side Knight v Super Jedi Mashup Trailer. In addition, Christian recaps his trip to the Warner Bros Studios Tour – Batsuits, Batmobiles, Batsignals, Harley Quinn’s outfit, and even Robin’s Short Shorts Costume…YIKES; also, this week’s birthday’s, Tomorrow Never Dies celebrates it’s anniversary on December 19th and much much more. Plus, an all new VERSUS – The Dark Knight Rises versus Return of the Jedi.

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